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Patient Spotlight: William

William is a ray of sunshine for all of us at The Sensory Studio. His bubbly and curious personality draws everyone in. William is one year old and is currently working with Ms. Dominique on his speech and joint attention. His favorite thing to do is to play and learn the names of all the barnyard animals. […]

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What is Early Intervention (and Does Your Child Need It)?

Babies have lots of new skills to learn from lifting their heads and sitting up to saying their first words! Parents often become concerned when their child’s development is slower than expected. One important source of help for parents and child-care providers is early intervention. Here is what you need to know about early intervention and […]

Hello Fall

A Summer to Remember…

Bravo… to a smooth transition into Fall after an extremely successful summer filled with students and clinicians making exceptional strides!  From setting the foundation for executive functioning skills (how to organize materials, take notes, maintain an agenda, etc.) to improving articulation for speech clarity and self-regulation for improved attention, this summer, at The Sensory Studio, […]

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13 Tips: Mindfulness for Children & Adults

“Mindfulness” is something we hear about a lot these days. The goal is to turn one’s attention toward the present moment. Here are 13 tips you and your child can try to help master this healthy practice. 1) Find the Right Space Because mindfulness requires your attention, it is easiest to start practicing it in […]

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12 Things Parents Can Do To Help With Homework

For many children, homework is a challenge for one reason or another. Here are 12 things you can do to make after-school learning a little easier. 1) Get Consistent Kids thrive on routine. That is why your child’s day at school includes regular activities like lunch, recess, story time, and math.  At home, enforce a […]

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Our 12 Favorite Back to School Traditions

The back to school season is a busy time of year, but that does not mean it’s all work and no play. Here are 12 of our favorite back to school traditions you can share with your child.  1) The Countdown Make a countdown chain or decorate a DIY calendar to help your child track the days […]

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Back to School: 10 Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for School

Back to school time is exciting and busy. Unfortunately, the preparation does not stop at supply lists and registration. Here are 10 tips for getting your child ready for school. 1) Shop Tax-Free Weekend Many states are jumping on the tax-free back to school bandwagon. This weekend shopping event allows you to buy your school supplies, clothing, […]


Patient Spotlight: Zachary

Zachary, a playful 3-year-old, loves working with Miss Christine! Zachary has made some great improvements since he started attending speech therapy at The Sensory Studio. Besides practicing his “R” words with Miss Christine, Zach loves to bounce around in our sensory gym. Outside of speech therapy, Zachary has been spending the summer in the pool with […]

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The Development of Speech from Ages 0-6 Years Old

Watching as your child learns more about their world is one of the most exciting parts of parenthood. Speech, in particular, is vital to this process. Here are some milestones you can expect between the ages of 0 and 6. At Birth: Although your child does not have any formal speech skills at birth, they […]

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10 Ways to Practice Peer Socialization Outside the Classroom

Tweet While peer socialization is great to work on in the classroom, these skills matter outside of that environment even more. Here are 10 ways to practice them in the real world. Play With Pets Pets help children practice social skills without feeling rushed or judged. Have your child introduce themselves to their furry-friend, speak […]