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Little Girl And Father Reading Book Together

11 Of The Best Books To Read This Summer

There is no better time than summer to read. Not only does a good book help you escape the scorching temperatures, frequent reading helps your preschooler or early-reader perfect their own learning skills. Here are 11 of the best books to check out together this summer. 1) Dragons Love Tacos – Adam Rubin Want to make […]

Two diverse little boys kayaking down a beautiful river

12 Educational Activities To Avoid The Summer Slump

For many kids, summer means a long break from learning and lots of downtime. Instead of reaching for the screens this year, try one of these 12 educational activities to avoid the summer slump. 1. Zoo Scavenger Hunt Visit the zoo, but do more than just observe. Create a scavenger hunt for your child using […]

Patient Spotlight Angelo

Patient Spotlight: Angelo

Tweet Angelo, a spunky 2-year-old, has made strides at our North Shore location during his speech therapy sessions. He has shown improvements in expressive language and following directions. Angelo is a friendly face and a pleasure to have around. He enjoys playing baseball and rolling his favorite cars on the track, which he will continue […]

father's day. Dad and baby son playing together outdoors on a summer

6 Ways to Target Sensory Skills in the Sun

Summer is the perfect time to work with your child on their sensory skills. Almost any activity can be adapted for children who love using their body to explore, as well as those who are a little more hesitant. The most important thing you can do to make summer sensory skill building a success is […]

Happy student Isabel

Patient Spotlight: Isabel

Isabel, an enthusiastic sixth-grade student, is our Creative Director here at The Sensory Studio.  Isabel has a strong interest in art, enjoys drawing and listening to alternative music. This month, Isabel received an award for diligent and respectful students and was 1 of 60 to be chosen out 1,000 students for this honor at her […]

Mother Carrying Son And Daughter As They Play In Park

Why Peer Socialization is Critical During Developmental Years

Peer socialization is the process in which children learn about the social world around them. It can happen in formal settings like The Sensory Studio’s Peer Socialization Groups, or during informal situations like playing with friends and going to the store. We begin the foundations of socialization as early as birth, but we learn new lessons […]

Student playing with physiotherapist

5 Ways Occupational Therapy Can Assist Your Child

Occupational therapy is one of the unique interventions available today.  While other services typically focus on one area of a child’s development, an occupational therapist works to achieve success in all areas of life.  Here are just a few ways an occupational therapist can help your child. 1) Success with Daily Tasks The primary goal […]

Justin and Gia

Patient Spotlight: Justin

Justin, a fun-loving 3rd-grade student on Staten Island, brightens our Studio each time he steps in the door!  His smile and vibrancy radiate. In the spring, Justin will be joining his first soccer team and looks forward to vacationing with his family this summer.  Justin is no doubt our Patient Spotlight of the Month! Justin and […]

Parents helping the kids with their homework

How to Find Time for Speech Therapy with Homework

Students spend approximately 40 hours in school each week, and this does not include the roughly 3 hours of homework the average elementary school American child brings home.  The hours of schoolwork at home seem to increase each year, leaving many parents to wonder how they can fit in time for their child’s therapeutic appointments. […]

McKenzie and her Mom

Patient Spotlight: McKenzie

McKenzie, a 7-year-old 2nd-grade student, participates in speech therapy at The Sensory Studio.  We have seen tremendous improvement in McKenzie’s abilities, and it has been an honor to watch her grow.  In speech therapy, McKenzie is working on phonological processing to improve spoken and written language skills, as well as articulation skills.    McKenzie and […]