7 Benefits of Having a Pet in the Family

Sweet curly girl and jack russell dog is sleeping in night.

Having a pet as a family member offers many scientifically backed benefits. Among these perks include emotional, mental, and physical benefits like boosting your mood, lowering stress, and teaching kids serious things like responsibility and love.

Below, we’ll go into seven good reasons why your family would benefit by adopting a four-legged friend.

1) Pets Improve Your Mood

Pets can help put a pep in your step. They can give their family members an innate feeling of purpose, which helps greatly for bouts of grumpiness. How do they do this? More ways than there is room to list them. They curl up in front of the fire on a cold winter day. They take long walks with you when you just want to be alone. You know you always have them to come back to, and they will brighten your days.

2) Pets Give Their Never-Ending Love

Pets love to see their owners come home. They are often excited to cuddle and don’t ever try to argue. It’s extra special for kids to get to see this type of adoration after being gone for a long day at school. Gently playing with a family pet is sure to cause smiles upon smiles.

3) Pets Can Reduce Stress

When people can have quality animal interaction time it actually lowers the cortisol levels (the hormone that produces stress), increases oxytocin levels (the hormone that lowers stress), and decreases blood pressure. Each of these tiny adjustments can help a nervous child be more at ease.

4) Pets Combat Loneliness

Animals are inherently compassionate and aware. They carry intention in their bones and pay attention when they need to. Humans have to practice this. Kids who spend time with animals demonstrate social skills, better cooperating, and sharing. Pets are instinctive companions who won’t let you feel lonely.

5) Pets Help Ward Off Allergies

It seems surprising, but research has found that kids who live with animals early on are able to develop stronger immune systems. Adopting an animal to live in the home can reduce a young person’s chance of developing animal allergies by 33%. When they’re already exposed to the animal, it makes it more likely that they won’t take on the allergy.

6) Pets Instill Responsibility

Children like knowing that they are trusted and small chores give them an opportunity to feel older. If kids are comfortable filling up the water and food dishes, brushing the dog or cat, and even scooping the litter box, it can give parents a little relief. Also, by taking care of them kids will bond even more with their adored pet.

7) Pets Give You an Excuse to Get Fit

Dogs love a good walk. In fact, many of them do best with more than one walk every day. Dog owners who regularly walk their dogs are more likely to be fit than dog owners who didn’t personally take care of the walking. If you need some ideas, you could try hiking, biking, running or jogging, or doga (dog yoga).

Almost any family can benefit from adopting a pet since their companionship is one-of-a-kind. Their unconditional love is another treat for the whole family. Since they add to the entire family’s psychological and physical wellbeing, they quickly take on the part of being a tiny family member.