8 New Year’s Resolutions Your Family Can Continue To Work Towards

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We are a month into the new year, how are your resolutions going? It is important to understand that it is never too late to work on your resolutions or to set up new ones. In the year ahead, try setting family New Year’s resolutions that you can work towards as a team. This can help you inspire and support one another while developing a closer connection with each other at the same time.

1) Warm Things Up

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The entire family benefits when the home atmosphere is warm and loving. Encourage one another. Show affection and pay attention to one another. These small adjustments can result in better moods and can help you to foster true connections that will last.

2) Let Every Voice Be Heard

Family meetings are a great way to give every family member a chance to voice any concerns that they have. Figure out problems together and learn how to cooperate as a team. This can help model conflict resolution and positive communication skills.

3) Get More Fresh Air

Family taking a walk down the street

Getting creative to figure out fun ideas to do outside can be a fun project in itself that everyone can help with. The great outdoors has something for everyone, and we all could use more vitamin D. Cook outside, enjoy a picnic, roast marshmallows over a crackling fire, or play a game that you used to love with your kids.

4) Keep it Light & Laugh More

Laughter is a great tool to have in your arsenal as it can keep everyone positive. It can help people be more resilient when they have to do something tough. Even behavioral improvements are more readily accepted when they’re glazed in sugar. Cheer up, and try to stop being so serious.

5) Make it a Habit to go Tech-Free

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Technology has crept into our lives almost everywhere, but devices should be off during times like dinner, bedtime, and family night. Figure out which times your family will use technology and when it will work to leave off. Limiting use can also work wonders for families with children who have trouble focusing.

6) Build Character Through Volunteering

Volunteering as a family New Year’s resolution can change lives. Families who volunteer learn firsthand about hard work and character building. Making an impact is a powerful thing for a child to experience. Plus, you get to enjoy each other’s company at the same time.

7) Don’t Forget Self-Care

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Your tank must be full in order for you to be a positive parent and partner. We don’t always realize how much our depleted energy can impact the way that we communicate with our family. Getting some fresh air and exercise can normally fix the problem but find a way to work some you-time into your lifestyle. Everyone will be glad you did.

8) Take More Adventures

Father and son playing  on the road at the day time.  Concept of friendly family.

Give each person in your family a chance to choose an adventure they’ve always wanted to go on, and then enjoy every activity together! Whether your loved ones want to sleep under the stars, jump off the high dive, or try skiing for the first time – make an effort to try to hit every destination to cross these family New Year’s resolutions off your list. Make dreams come true and memories you’ll always remember.