Interning at The Sensory Studio

Group Intern photo

Often the nameless workers behind extraordinary accomplishments, interns frequently go unrecognized in their efforts. They hide behind the curtains at some companies, but The Sensory Studio wants to ensure this is never the case here! We would love to take this day as an opportunity to express our appreciation for our current and past interns.

Our interns at The Studio are vital in our daily functioning. They constantly help us improve, as their feedback lends us fresh eyes that help make our practice the best it can be. Their efforts undoubtedly contribute to smooth operations when things get hectic, and they are more than happy to lend a helping hand. Here at The Sensory Studio, we immerse our interns in the backend process of running a pediatric therapy office, while also providing them with useful shadowing experience. From being immersed in the backend, interns are trained in the basics of business management and sharpen their skills in clerical work. Interns are given tasks that incorporate creating therapy materials, participating in the intake process, partaking in peer group sessions, and more. Also, interns are given the opportunity to research innovative activities, apps, and toys that may be useful in therapy sessions. All of these valuable hands-on experiences provide our interns with knowledge that one cannot gain in a college classroom.

Although they come and go, interns are crucial in the smooth functioning in our backend, and we at The Sensory Studio hold a special space in our family for all of these wonderful individuals. In fact, most of our current staff members began as interns! We thank all of our current and past interns for all of their hard work, commitment and continued support.

See what current and past interns have to say about their experiences!

“I began my internship at The Sensory Studio this past March with apprehension and excitement. As an undergraduate student studying Speech-Language Pathology, this was my first glimpse into the real world, something that I myself will soon be a professional within. Interns often have a dreaded reputation as the office punching bag, but my experience with The Sensory Studio has been anything but that. The office staff and therapists are so incredibly welcoming and I felt at home right away.  I look forward to coming into the office everyday, as everyday awaits new learning experiences and ways to grow. As most internships do, this simply began as a resume filler, but it soon evolved into something much greater. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity, and am excited to see what the future has in store!” -Arpit, Currently Interning

“I started my internship at The Sensory Studio at the beginning of this summer, not knowing what to expect since I do not know anything about the Speech or Occupational Therapy fields. I graduated from college with my BA in Psychology and Criminology, but the opportunity of an internship at The Sensory Studio felt too good to pass up. Ever since my first day here, I have felt at home. Everyone welcomed me and the other interns with open arms, offering advice and many friendly conversations. Even in my short time here, I have learned so much about these fields of therapy and I feel so privileged to be able to work with these professionals, and just all around amazing people, every day. I look forward to continuing my internship here and learning more and more each day. The Sensory Studio makes coming to work everyday such a pleasurable experience that I very much look forward to each week.” -Taylor, Currently Interning

“I have been an intern at The Sensory Studio since June and it has been a wonderful experience. When I first started my internship, I was extremely nervous but the friendly staff made me feel comfortable. I am majoring in Speech-Language Pathology and would like to work with children in the future. Therefore, this experience is helping me learn a lot of useful information about the field. My favorite part about being an intern participating in  intakes. They are not only fun, but educational at the same time. I am able to get hands on experience which is beneficial for my future, as well as a college student studying this field. Being an intern is an enjoyable experience and I look forward to coming into The Sensory Studio because of its positive environment. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will utilize everything I learned throughout many different aspects of my life, especially in my career, as a future Speech-Language Pathologist.” Dominique, Currently Interning

“I just graduated from Stanford University with a Cognitive Science degree, and am interested in mental health and wellness. I’ve always loved working with kids, so The Sensory Studio sounded like a great opportunity! The minute I walked in, all my coworkers were kind, warm, and friendly. I love that we tailor therapy for each child based on their interests and that we help them through play and rapport so that they are having fun too! My days are fun and varied– sometimes we play with clients during intakes, and other times we help out with keeping the office in good shape. Recently, we’ve been working on designing media content and brainstorming craft projects for the clients to try! I’m grateful to be able to work here.” -Emma, Currently Interning

“This past spring, I had an amazing and rewarding experience interning at The Sensory Studio. My many tasks, from assisting with intakes to organizing therapy materials, have helped me to grow as a student and have made me even more excited about Speech-Language Pathology. The staff was super friendly and eager to share their knowledge with me. Through my observations, I received hands-on experience that supplemented the information that I learned in my classes. Helping to organize activities for clients like the springtime egg hunt and the rainbow cloud craft allowed me to see the importance of creativity and fun in therapy. My time at The Sensory Studio has prepared me for my future as a speech-language pathologist and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.” Amanda,  Interned 2019

“I am so grateful to have interned at The Sensory Studio. I can firmly say that the staff is devoted to providing each patient with a positive experience! It was an honor to be alongside passionate therapists who love what they do! Being there truly helped me to grow as a future therapist myself. Thank you Sensory Studio!!“-Christie, Interned 2019

“I applied for an internship at The Sensory Studio as a Sophomore in college not knowing what to expect. Throughout this time period, I found that I was given the tools, mentorship and knowledge to map out my academic career. As a Speech-Language Pathology major, I gained valuable hands on experience in my field of study, learned so much from the exceptional staff and explored other fields such as occupational therapy. I was able to get a glimpse of my life as a future SLP as I shadowed and participated in sessions. I was lucky enough to be involved in all of hard work that goes into successfully running a pediatric practice. The Clinical Director-Michele, the Practice Manager- Jaimie, along with the staff, and therapists, all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home from the beginning. This position put me on the path of success as it provided me valuable tools and skills for my future profession. This internship, that evolved into a job, has built my confidence and I am more excited than ever to pursue my future career as a graduate student and furthermore a speech-language pathologist.” -Kayla, Interned 2018

“I look back so fondly at my experiences as an intern at The Sensory Studio. I was extremely lucky to work so closely with The Sensory Studio’s Clinical Director, Michele DeSimone, and Practice Manager, Jaimie Delfino, as well as many talented speech & occupational therapists. Not only were they incredible teachers, but they made me fall in love with the field of occupational therapy. Something I cannot emphasize enough is how much I have learned. I have learned about the clinical aspects of speech & occupational therapy, people, and the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals. Lastly, I have learned a lot about myself. I truly believe who I am today would be very different without their guidance.” – Farwa, Interned 2018.

“My first experience with The Sensory Studio was walking in for my interview and seeing the practice manager in pajamas! It was pajama day here and since that moment, I knew this place was something special! Interning at The Sensory Studio was one of the most rewarding three months I’ve experienced thus far. I learned so much from the wonderful staff and therapists here. Any time I had a question, there was someone happy to answer it for me with an in depth explanation. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, that I felt at home every time I walked through the door! I spent some of my time creating a binder used in our sensory gym for different exercises for occupational therapy and what the exercise was targeting. It allowed me to further explore the field of occupational therapy. After my internship was over, I was offered a job and have been working here ever since! I continue to learn something new everyday and continue to grow within this center. I love building relationships with my co-workers and the families and children that come here. It is such a pleasure working here and I am so happy I was given the opportunity to be an intern!” Alexa, Interned 2018

“As a sophomore majoring in speech-language pathology, I was given the opportunity to apply for an internship position at The Sensory Studio. This was such an exciting change that I knew would help me academically and professionally in my field of study. The Clinical Director, Michele, and the Practice Manager, Jaimie, were more than welcoming and made me feel so comfortable to join the team. As an intern, my days were always different, which is what I loved most about The Studio. One of my favorite experiences as an intern was assisting our speech therapist, Ms. Christine, during peer group. Peer group is a socialization group that helps children work on their self esteem and to help develop friendships with others that are similar ages. Being trusted to be so involved in peer group made me gain confidence as a student and as a professional as well. Overall, I learned so many valuable skills and made lifelong relationships with staff that I will hold closely with me on my journey to the next step in my future career. I am very thankful for The Sensory Studio and truly appreciate what I have gained as an intern and now an employee.”- Desiree, Interned 2017