The 13 Best Sensory Toys

happy family father and child son playing   in toy railway in playroom

Stumped on what to get your child this holiday season? Shopping for toys can be a challenge, but when it comes to sensory toys here is what your child will love this year.

1) Sensory Sox

yellow sensory sox with young boy playing

If your child loves to experiment with spatial awareness, look no further than the Sensory Sox. This full body “sock” not only provides a safe and comfortable way for your child to practice balance, it’s soft and secure design is great for self-calming.

2) Glitter Wand

glitter wand

Kids of all ages enjoy glitter wands. While these classic toys are ideal for visual stimulation during quiet moments, their durability and bright colors lend well to creative play too!

3) Wacky Tracks

wacky tracks

Wacky Tracks are great for busy hands. These bendable tracks create endless shapes and patterns.

4) Sensory Fidget Toys

sensory fidget toys

Fidget toys come in a variety of styles. Fidget spinners and cubes are some of the most popular, but you won’t go wrong splurging for a fidget toy bundle. These sets include an assortment of fun toys including stress balls, mochi squishies,  stretchy string and more.

5) Li’l Gen Water Beads

Picture of Li'l Gen Waterbeads

Water beads are hot items on toy shelves, but Li’l Gen Water Beads are unique. Not only does this set come with 20,000 gentle, slippery water beads, it includes scoopers and tweezers for fine motor skill practice too.

6) Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set

Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Set

This toy is perfect for early learners. Help your child give Ruff a bone while exploring 10 different textures.

7) Sorbus Spinner Swing

sorbus spinner swing

Does your child like keeping busy from head to toe or do they prefer a quiet space to relax? No matter what pace they play, the Sorbus Spinner Swing is great indoors and out.

8) Playskool Sit and Spin

Playskool Sit and Spin sensory toy

The Sit and Spin is iconic, but did you know it is helpful too? Children who seek vestibular input love spinning, but the activity can turn dangerous quickly if done in the wrong place. This toy provides a safe and controlled way for your child to meet their sensory needs.

9) Little Tikes Trampoline

little tikes trampoline

Does your child love gross motor activities like jumping? Skip the busy trampoline park and bring the adventure right into your living room. Mini trampolines, like those available from Little Tikes, include a handlebar, sit low to the ground, and are perfect for indoor use.

10) Kinetic Sand

kinetic sand

Children are in awe of Kinetic Sand. This “sand” feels wet to the touch but is actually dry, allowing your child to build and play all day without the mess.

11) Chewelery

Some children seek sensory input through biting, chewing or putting objects in their mouth. Chewelry is a great alternative to toys that may drop on the floor and is fun and fashionable too!

12) Bilibo


Don’t let it’s simple design fool you. Bilibo has endless options for play. Children can sit in it, stand on it, spin inside, and lay underneath. It’s all about imagination!

13) Weighted Stuff Animals

weighted stuff animal pig

Every child has a favorite furry friend, but what if that friend was extra soothing? Weighted and microwavable stuffed animals like Sootheze Pig provide exceptional comfort. Look for brands that offer aromatherapy options if scent is calming to your child.

What’s better than meeting your child’s sensory needs and giving them a great toy at the same time? Any of these ideas will make you the perfect gift giver this holiday season.