Staten Island Peer Socialization & Interaction

The Peer Socialization Groups, here at The Sensory Studio, are a terrific way for your child to engage in peer interaction, learn appropriateness in communication and develop new friendships. All peer groups are directed by a Speech Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, Social Worker or Licensed Special Educator.

The first step in joining a Peer Group at The Sensory Studio is to schedule an Intake Appointment.  In that appointment, we will conduct a brief parent interview, a communication screening and work together to determine which specific group will be best for your child.

Common Interest Groups

All Peer Groups are theme based and centered on a common interest of the group.  Social skills are taught and practiced within the sessions, although the theme of the session (science & experimentation, philanthropy, sports, etc.) guides the focus of the group, allowing for natural relationships to develop within it.  This has been one of our most successful services offered!