The Sensory Studio is a community based resource center offering specialized therapies, workshops, counseling and guidance for parents interested in maximizing their child’s potential.

We offer an array of developmental services to improve communicative, fine and gross motor skills integratively.  Our Licensed Professionals in the areas of Speech and Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Yoga, Sensory Processing Treatment and more are tirelessly dedicated to their respective fields of study, and will settle for nothing less than exceptional, comprehensive care.

The Sensory Studio is a private, family-based center staffed with incredibly caring and dedicated professionals whose unrelenting mission it is to maximize overall potential in our patients.

Individual & Group Therapy Offerings

We offer a variety of individual and group therapy options with home, school and center-based services available. We provide direct, evidence-based therapeutic intervention, as well as peer groups and classes of creative expression, for infants, toddlers, school-aged children, adolescents and adults in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Our playful facility offers a state of the art, fully equipped sensory gym with vestibular and proprioceptive supports, extensive swing program, rock climbing wall, trampoline, climbing ramps and more.  We are conveniently located with direct access to public transportation for easy accessibility from all areas of Staten Island.

Fully Equipped Sensory Gym • Speech Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Pediatric Yoga • Peer Socialization Groups • Individualized Comprehensive Sensory Programs • Rockwall • Swings • Trampoline

Our Testimonials

  • Speech Intake: Michele and her staff are very welcoming. The intake process was thorough and I left confident that I made the right choice. Michele is extremely knowledgeable and I look forward to working with her and her team.

    Nicole Brennan
  • Michelle was incredible and gave me the best advice needed to make an informed decision about my daughter’s care. My only wish is that I found her sooner. Sensory Studio should be your first stop for speech or other therapy needs for your children.

    Brensen Cherenfant
  • “I cannot say enough good things about the flexibility and thoroughness of this place!”
    Lisa Schatzman
  • “Wonderful place!!! Amazing staff! Everyone is so knowledgeable, kind and committed to helping your child succeed!”

    Stephanie Alba
  • “Julia was great with my daughter. Calm, loving and went step by step with her. I would recommend The Sensory Studio”

    Maria Harmon
  • “I love this place. They are very professional. My son enjoys his speech sessions and I believe they have been very beneficial for him.”

    Yonette Joseph
  • “We are very happy with The Sensory Studio. It’s a very comfortable environment for the children and I love the way they know the right pace to follow with my child.”
    Justina Stissi
  • “My son began there this September, and only after a few sessions with his therapists, his speech and behavior have improved dramatically. I highly recommend Michele & her staff.”

    Kelley McCarthy
  • “We had our interview yesterday and it went great my daughter had so much fun playing while my husband and I talked to Michele I can’t wait to bring Hannah next week.”
    Melissa Peters
  • “Our experience at The Sensory Studio has been so positive. My granddaughter has flourished there and the services she has received for over a year have been exceptional. As soon as you come through the door, everyone welcomes not only the child but also the caregiver. It feels like home and I know this by each and every child’s smiles as they are escorted in for their services and as they exit. After services are rendered, each THERAPIST speaks personally with you, so you never leave w/o an update on your child’s progress. The day I saw The Sensory Studio’s sign as I walked home, was the day our lives changed for the better. THANK YOU and continue to do what you do best, helping special needs children.”

    Ann Marie Dougherty
  • “I came to the Sensory Studio 1yr ago seeking help for my daughter. Before coming here, I didn’t know where to go or who to turn to. I still remember walking into the office to meet with Michele DeSimone and starting the process of evaluating my daughter for OT. Everything that I was experiencing with my child and wanted to address was discussed in great detail. I never felt judged, only welcome. It was like having a casual conversation with my friend over coffee. My daughter attends OT and Peer Group Therapy once a week and loves it. I see improvements in her fine motor skills from OT and improvements in her self esteem from the friends she has made in Peer Group. Services aside, the staff is thoughtful, warm, understanding, and encouraging. I walk away each week with hope for my daughter. The Sensory Studio is so much more than just a place to bring your child to receive services. It’s a community where you feel supported in every which way. A special thank you to Michelle DeSimone and her staff for all that they do to help us.”

    Glendal M.