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The Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Through Your Child’s Eyes

This January every child in school is learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights leader born on January 15th, 1929, in Atlanta Georgia, who is best known for advancing the civil rights movement and his famous “I Have A Dream” speech. It is information that can be read, memorized, and regurgitated for an exam or a brief moment in their academic year, but what information can you teach your child to make Dr. King’s message relate to them on a level of understanding they can truly comprehend and use to keep his message alive?


Easing Back to School Jitters

Read a Book Together A good book can go a long way! Here are some great reads to help ease anxiety about the upcoming school year. Brown Bear Starts School by Sue Tarsky and Marina Aizen (Suggested for Pre-K through Kindergarten) David Goes To School by David Shannon (Suggested for Pre-K through 3rd grade) The Night Before […]

Student coloring

Speech & Occupational Therapy Lingo

Have you ever heard a therapist use terms such as “joint attention” or “bilateral coordination” and thought, “What does that even mean?!” Well, you aren’t alone! To make things a little easier, we put together a list of some commonly used terms by speech & occupational therapists and defined them in layman’s terms. Speech Therapy […]

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Interning at The Sensory Studio

Often the nameless workers behind extraordinary accomplishments, interns frequently go unrecognized in their efforts. They hide behind the curtains at some companies, but The Sensory Studio wants to ensure this is never the case here! We would love to take this day as an opportunity to express our appreciation for our current and past interns. […]

Cute crafts created by students

Summer Activities: Jellyfish Craft

This Jellyfish Craft is a great summer activity for those awful rainy days that just don’t seem to go away. You and your child can have a blast making this craft while working on language skills, following directions, reading comprehension, and fine motor skills. These skills are targeted in both speech and occupational therapy. When […]

Emily Blunt

Does Your Child Stutter? Well-known Celebrities Do Too!

When thinking about people who either have a speech impediment or are on the spectrum, A-list celebrities aren’t the first ones that come to mind. We watch them act in movies, speaking as fluently as the average person. But for some celebrities, they had to overcome childhood speech impediments. Additionally, one person listed below was […]

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Occupational Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy centers on supporting children to build fundamental skills to grow confidently into independent adults. Occupational Therapists help children develop the ability to cope with challenges, and to use calming strategies to deal with frustration, defuse anger, and manage impulsivity in order to succeed at individual tasks and collaborative interactions at home, at […]

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How to Make the Rainbow Cloud Craft

This rainbow cloud craft is a great way to practice fine motor skills while having fun! It provides an excellent opportunity to talk to your child or client about colors, clouds and more! The materials are required: Construction paper Glue Ruler Markers A cloud cut out (or you can draw your own). We have included […]

Sweet curly girl and jack russell dog is sleeping in night.

7 Benefits of Having a Pet in the Family

Having a pet as a family member offers many scientifically backed benefits. Among these perks include emotional, mental, and physical benefits like boosting your mood, lowering stress, and teaching kids serious things like responsibility and love. Below, we’ll go into seven good reasons why your family would benefit by adopting a four-legged friend. 1) Pets […]


Patient Spotlight: Blake

We are proud to announce that Blake is our patient spotlight of the month. Blake is a high-spirited five-year-old who is absolutely obsessed with sharks and marine life. He is currently working on his fine and gross motor skills. Some of his favorite activities to do with Ms. Gabrielle are to write and to run obstacles in […]